Hey 👋 I'm Priyanka,

Creating better experiences for people through design.

Chef turned Product Designer from India

  • UI/UX Enhancements
  • User Research
  • Typography
  • Layout Design
  • Animations inside Figma
  • Full-fledged Prototypes

My Process.
Pretty simple.

My process starts with research and ends with a final prototype in your hands.


Research, Competitor Analysis

More important is a UX mindset—a commitment to seeing the world from the perspective of your users and doing everything you can to make sure what you’re doing makes sense to them.


IA, Userflows, Storyboarding & Wireframing

The purpose of Information Architecture (IA) is to structure, label, and organise the content on a site so that users can find exactly what they need to perform the task they want and to reach their goal.


UI Designs, Micro-interactions & Prototyping

Interaction is something that happens over time, not in freeze frames or still images. Prototypes allow you to experience and interact with the design for yourself in real time.

Some projects I worked on...

Designing seamless interfaces and curating trendy digital products.
Mama Earth App Redesign
An Organic Skincare brand app UI/UX Case Study.
Travel Website UI Design
Coming soon...
Payment Solutions Redesign
Coming soon...

Few dribbble shots...

Digital Products

Helping aspiring designers
all over the world

Creating digital products to help aspiring designers...

🔥 UI Assets

Pastel- 25+ UI Designs 😍

Practice UI designing by breaking down the screens for mobile apps and websites.


2+ Proposal Templates 💎

Project proposal template which helped me get 10+ clients in my first 3 months of UI/UX Design career

Coming soon...

What others are saying

Trusted by thousands of professionals and companies.

“Fantastic designer and fan of pastel colors. You can trust Priyanka with your eyes close!!!”

Aashish Kumar
Creator of Million Frames

“Fantastic designer and web developer... but above all great people. You can trust Fouroom with your eyes close!!!”

Max Mustermann
Director at Template

“Great communication with detailed screen shots.”

Max Mustermann
Director at Template