About ME


They say, Design is everywhere you look.

And I found it in every instance of my work.

Hi I’m Priyanka, an Italian Chef turned UX Designer.
I’m a self-taught designer based in India. I’ve done my graduation in Hotel and Hospitality Management
and then became a full-time Chef.

Yes, I did and paved my path from being a Chef to a Designer.
Being a chef has expanded my spectrum of creativity and enhanced experiences.
I transitioned my career and chose to be a creative professional.

Some good old days with Chef mode ON!
I love cooking :)
I love helping my design community
Little did I know that "tossing pasta" will end up getting me in design and a creative career.

Since childhood, creativity is something that has been very close to me and it has given me a lot in
return. I always loved the aesthetics of everything around but as I grew up to be a Chef, I learnt how
those aesthetics can help in enhancing the user experience.
I'm a learner and I learn from people in every aspect of their living and then un-learn to upgrade those learnings as I move forward.
During my free time, I enjoy baking my favourite desserts (preferably chocolate brownies), while
listening to singing to my classic’s playlist.


recipes inside my head
mobile and website designs made
clients I've worked with!

Pictures of me

What my journey looks like

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